Stephen's desire is to incorporate the tradition of curatorship and combine this with techniques of creative direction to show how design, branding and collections exist in many areas of creative production. Stephen is conscious of how audiences use cultural products as a signifier of taste and identity. As a DJ and Designer, he is skilled collating together music for audiences - in the same way that a curator may use a gallery to present visual art. This brave interpretation led him to set up Album Art Galerie, an online gallery dedicated to album art work and makes use of Instagram as the gallery space. Through this project he aims to to appropriate elements of a physical gallery space through the website which already features a foyer, useful resources and collections. With his entrepreneurial drive, Stephen champions being both the Creator and Curator of artistic works and paying attention to detail in every project from the typeface to colour palettes, everything serves purpose and nothing is placed arbitrarily throughout his works. A proud consumer of pop culture from current and bygone eras, Stephen does not shy away from taking inspiration and referencing his influences through the works he produces whether visual or audio.

He is currently based in Norwich while working as an Art Director at TBWA Media Arts Lab.

BA Fashion Communication and Promotion
Norwich University of the Arts  

MA Curation
Norwich University of the Arts  

The Dots